Book for Christians about ‘spiritual gems’ in the Quran launched in India

A book that aims to help Christian readers discover and contemplate the spiritual gems found in the Quran was launched in India last week. 

Professor Emeritus Akhtarul Wasey of the Jamia Millia Islamia released the book titled “Journeying with Muslims: Listening, Praying and Working Together” in a program organized by the Indialogue Foundation and Indian Social Institute along with the Islamic Studies Association.

Cardinal Michael Louis Fitzgerald, one of the foremost Catholic scholars in the field of Christian-Muslim relations, authored the book. 

The 85-year-old cardinal served in the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue as Secretary from 1987 to 2002 and became president for the next six years.

During the launch, Wasey expressed his gratitude to Cardinal Fitzgerald for offering the “wonderful” text. 

He said that in yourneying with Muslims, the Cardinal proposes Christians could accompany their Muslim brethren through reading and reflecting on the passages of the Quran without compromising their identity as Christians.

Since the Quran lies at the heart of Islam, the new booklet helps Christians to enter heart-to-heart dialogue with Muslims. This idea came from the cardinal’s long association with the Muslim world, his deep knowledge of Islam and Muslims, and his deep commitment to his Christian Faith.

“It is a bold idea since the booklet invites Christians to get familiarized with selected texts from the Qur’an by praying with them,” Wasey said. 

Jesuit Father Denzil Fernandes, executive director of Indian Social Institute, urged the public to explore the common areas of convergence between the two great faiths to work together for justice and peace in the world.

Indialogue Foundation secretary general Behzad Fatmi said dialogue is the “first step in establishing a healthy society,” adding, “Dialogue avoiding the polemical arguments, gives precedence to common points, which far outnumber polemical ones.” 

Jesuit Father Joseph Victor Edwin, the secretary of Islamic Studies Association, said the Catholic Church affirms that it rejects nothing that is true and holy in various religions. The Church eagerly learns from the ‘true and holy’ from other religions.

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