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TV channel in India hosts gospel singing reality show to recognize choir members

A popular television channel in India that runs religious shows has organized a gospel singing reality show to recognize choir members.

“It was my dream to give a bigger platform for the choir members of North India,” said Father Anand Chirayath, founder director of Atmadarshan (Inner Vision).

He said some choir members have been serving the Church for 25 years. “Their role in the liturgy is as important as the priest minister,” said Father Chirayath.

Online and offline auditions were held from April 23 to May 5, with at least 250 Christian musicians from ten states and 30 dioceses in northern India attending.

There were 50 singers who were selected for the first round that was held from July 13-14 at the Atmadarshan Studio in Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

After evaluation by the panelists and online voting, 30 were selected for the second round scheduled for August 13-14.

Up to 20 people will be selected for the semi-finals and 10 for the finals.

Father Chirayath said the reality show will give the choir members the opportunity to be known beyond their parish churches and dioceses.

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