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FABC50: ‘Journeying Together as Peoples of Asia’


Cardinal Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovitvanit, Archbishop of Bangkok (Photo by Peter Monthienvichienchai /

First of all, I wish to welcome all of you to Thailand, our Land of Smile. On behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Thailand. I felt honored that members of FABC 50 General Conference have chosen Thailand, Baan Phu Waan, Pastoral Training Center of the Archdiocese of Bangkok as the venue of this Conference.

The Catholic Church in Thailand and the Archdiocese of Bangkok have the great pleasure to host and cooperate with all of you for this Conference.

As regards to the Theme of this Conference, “Journeying Together as Peoples of Asia” is really in time with the “Synod” and “Synodality,” which Pope Francis encourages the people of God all over the world to proceed in this way. It is very timely for positive action globally, a need of one world with a common plan of action to reflect the policy of the Catholic Church.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. As I have said on the occasion of the FABC 50 General Conference’s Inauguration Day, which took place in the Shrine of Blessed Nicolas Bunkerd Kitbamrung of the Archdiocese of Bangkok on August 22, I would like to underline that we Christians, believe in God who is “Love,” One God in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the source of all communion. And this communion, we are going to have real experience together these days, in the meeting hall, in our small groups of discussion, during our prayers and the concelebration of the Holy Eucharist, even also during the time of our coffee break.

I hope that during these days together, we can have the experience of this God who is Love, manifested in Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord who is still present among us. Wherever two or three are gathered in unity, in reciprocal love, there, God who is love, is among them. It is a spiritual presence of the Lord, but so intense that it manifest itself and people can feel it.

Dear brothers in the episcopate, welcome to Thailand, welcome to Bangkok. Finally, I wish all of you have a successful Conference and have a pleasant stay in Baan Phu Waan.

May God bless you all.

Welcome Remarks of Cardinal Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovitvanit of Bangkok

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