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Franciscan nuns in Indonesia hold anti-corruption workshop

Catholic nuns belonging to the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis congregation in Indonesia held a workshop on corruption.

“The anti-corruption spirit should be inculcated in our young nuns because it is part of the core Franciscan values,” said Sister Rosali Prime Hatmani, OSF.

The “Corruption Perceptions Index” for the public sector showed 62 points in Indonesia for 2021.

The scale has a range from 0 to 100, in which corruption raises, the higher the number is. With this result Indonesia ranks 97th among countries in the world, or “slightly below average.”

Compared to the previous year, the “Corruption Perceptions Index” showed a slight decrease in 2021 for Indonesia. In the long term, it has also declined moderately in recent years.

Sister Rosali, OSF, head of the congregation in Indonesia, said development of personal integrity among young nuns is a “crucial formation step” to understand and to live the core values of religious life.

One participant, Sister Lea, OSF, from North Sumatera, who used to work as a migrant worker in Penang, Malaysia, share her experience during the workshop.

“To obtain all the travel documents that I needed to complete my job application, I had to pay a lot more than the necessary amount,” she said.

The young nun expressed hope that what she would learn from the workshop about “personal integrity” and “self-discipline.”

Among the resource persons of the workshop are a Jesuit priest, a medical practitioner, a professional motivator and trainer, and a psychologist.

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