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Photos: Philippines’ devotion to ‘Black Nazarene’ through the years

There used to be a myriad of stories during the celebration of the “feast” of the Black Nazarene in Manila every January 9.

Aside from the “traslacion,” or the “grand procession” of the venerated image of the suffering Jesus, that takes almost a full 24 hours to end, one witnesses the stories of camaraderie, brotherhood, and generosity of how Filipinos express their faith and devotion.

This year, instead of seeing millions of devotees walking barefoot and hearing the shouts of “Viva” in the streets of Manila, there was only silence.

Devotees were not allowed to go near the church in the city’s Quiapo district. Police barricades and checkpoints were set up and the celebrations of Holy Masses, aside from the annual religious procession, were suspended due to the surge of COVID-19 cases. (Photos by Basilio Sepe)

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