Cardinal Tagle reflects on the charity of St Mother Teresa on her feast day


Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has spoken on the value of charity amidst the crisis of the global pandemic in a video released on the feast day of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

In the above video, Cardinal Tagle pointed out that St. Mother Teresa’s feast day Sept. 5 falls on the same day as the UN’s International Day of Charity.

“For St. Mother Teresa charity consists in little acts done for the good of other people. But true acts of charity could come only from a person of charity. The ultimate source of charity is God, our living personal God,” Cardinal Tagle said.

“Everyone is called to do acts of charity to alleviate poverty and to foster stability and peace,” the Filipino cardinal said.

“But in the spirit of St. Mother Teresa, I believe this year’s celebration poses deeper questions: What kind of person are you? What kind of persons are we forming in our youth? Do we respect the persons who differ from us? Has the pandemic awakened the instinct of love in us or has it made us impersonal? More than ever, we need today authentic charity from authentic persons!”

Cardinal Tagle is president of Caritas Internationalis of which Mother Teresa is a patron saint.

Mother Teresa gives her blessing to a child at the Gift of Love Home on Oct. 20, 1993, in Singapore. (Photo by Roslan Rahman/AFP)