SPOTLIGHT: Filipino priest heals body and soul

On Sundays, one finds Father Jaime Roa preaching in a suburb in the city of Makati in the Philippine capital. On other days, he is seen wearing a lab coat in a small clinic.

The 64-year-old priest hails from the province of Iloilo in the central Philippines. His mother would sell goods in the market while his father was a fisherman.

In his early age, Father Roa spent time in the church. “I’ve always wanted to be a priest,” he said.

He finished high school in 1973, and through scholarships, he was able to attend college. With the help of friends and his own efforts, he was able to study to become a doctor.

Still, his dream of becoming a priest continued. “There was something missing. I had to respond to this. I had to answer to this call,” he said.

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