Finding sunshine in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic came like a thief to steal, to kill, and to destroy lives. I remember the thing that hit me the most was when work from home was announced. The second hit was when churches were shut down.

Being a liturgist and actively involved in the ministry, I started feeling the vacuum of not being able to exercise my responsibilities in the Church. I missed my daily singing at weekday Masses and conducting the children’s choir over the weekend. Above all, I missed receiving the physical presence of Jesus in me.

How do I proceed from here?

I had to find my sunshine in everyday things. I began to navigate my way through the lockdown and I experienced a certain peace within me as I found more time to be in the presence of the Lord. I started feeling rejuvenated.

The negative coverage by the media seemed to affect me less and lesser with each passing day. I started spending time with my family more than ever. I had a new refreshing routine in place that started with personal prayer and ended with gratitude.

I saw the book of Ecclesiastes 2:22 coming true where the author says: “For what does a man get for all the toil and striving with which he labors under the sun? Indeed, all his days are filled with grief, and his task is sorrowful; even at night, his mind does not rest.”

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Elaine D’Souza is a member of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel’s Parish, Bandra, Mumbai.

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