Indian Catholic religious urged to strive for radical discipleship

The religious called for programs on India's Constitution and social analysis with the necessary exposure to the realities of the poor

An advocacy group for Catholic religious in India urged leaders of their congregations and their national association to implement Catholic social teachings that stress involvement in the life of the poor, marginalized, exploited, and vulnerable.

“This will enable us to effectively and prophetically respond to the signs of the times for a more just and peaceful society,” read a statement from the national convention of the Forum of Religious for Justice and Peace.

The 17th convention addressed the theme “Deepening our Identity as Religious: Responding to the Signs of the Times.”

More than 60 men and religious from 16 Indian states representing 20 congregations participated in the conference that was held at the Montfort Social Institute, Hyderabad, capital of Telangana state, from September 22 to 24.

The participants urged their leaders to ensure the mainstreaming and implementation of all general and provincial Chapter documents and Catholic Social Teachings, “which emphasize our accompanying and involvement in the life of the poor and the marginalized, the excluded, the exploited and the vulnerable.”

They called for programs on the Constitution of India and Social Analysis with the necessary exposure to the realities of the poor, at all stages of formation.

They also want the leaders of Catholic religious congregations in India to take “an unequivocal, visible and vocal stand and to accompany the victims of abuse both within Church and in society at large.”

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